Marchon was the first eyewear company to produce and sell frames using Eastman Acetate Renew™, a fully sustainable material produced via Eastman’s innovative carbon renewal technology. Acetate Renew™ is made from bio-based and certified* recycled materials* and provides three key benefits to Marchon Eyewear.

Sustainable material with lower carbon footprint - meeting consumers’ demand for more sustainable fashion. In addition to having approximately 28% certified recycled content and 42% bio-based content, Acetate Renew™ reduces greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel usage compared to traditional acetate.

Less landfill waste - Typically, 80% of material used in sheet acetate frame production is scrap. Instead of being landfilled, the scrap will now be returned to and recycled by Eastman into new material, creating a circular production process.

Identical Performance - Unlike other sustainable alternatives, Acetate Renew™ is indistinguishable from classic acetate, assuring wearers of the high quality and premium styles they expect from Marchon Eyewear.

* Via its Advanced Circular Recycling technologies, Eastman produces circular products that are certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) by mass balance allocation.